As Craft Marine, our primary goal is to provide the hardware and spare parts that all kinds of yacht’s needs in reasonable price and in the fastest way together with our solution partners.

We are proud to be the authorized sales and service of the best brands of yacht sector in Montenegro "” for all your boat needs !

You can find all kinds of spare parts, equipment and maintenance products you are looking for at "". You can place your order by phone, by messaging with whatsapp or by e-mail and you can ship your orders to your boat free of charge.

“Whatsapp order number: +382 699 28 951

e-mail orders:

You can take advantage of our special price advantages for multiple purchases and refit transactions.

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If you provide your contact information on the "Contact Us" tab and make the relevant marking, you can be informed about our campaign products.

Craft Marine provides services to boats of all types and sizes with its well-equipped crew and solution partners. Periodic maintenance, fault repair, refit operations are being done with care.

Weekly operations of the boats that of boats entrusted to us at the marina or on drydock are reported.

Photographs, video recordings are taken and current information flow is provided to the boat owner or authorities.

Thus, our customers can follow the activities carried out on the boat without being in charge and can make the changes they want instantly.

We are aware of how valuable our customers' time is; providing timely and accurate service we aim to make the best use of your time on your boat.

Craft Marine is ready to assist you on everything from the moment you set out on your boat to the moment you return.

We wish you all the pleasure of the bays of Montenegro